My Story

Happiness Lies, First of All, in Health

It’s tough for an athlete to compromise on health and fitness and also to see his country dwellers so unfit and unconscious towards health.

Basketball was a dream sport for Mr. Tanvir and he made it come true at a level no Indian achieved. But then, destiny wanted something else from him. The health scenario in India put him into the dilemma and also chained him in a thought to do something regarding this scenario. Then, the fortunate Tanvir entered into the health care industry and started monitoring on physical health, fitness, and nutrition. The sportsman spirit helped and inspired him to take the initiative of ‘Logani Health Care International Pvt. Ltd.’ and today he uses his sports fitness as the base of the health of a society and working on arming the society with the arsenal of health enhancement. He is also known to be the first Indian-born to play the NCAA and professional basketball in the USA, Germany & Europe and also a certified ‘Human Performance Specialist, Sports medicine therapist and nutritionist’  and there are hosts of certification that. Tanvir holds today in different sectors of health. He is powered with a robust thought of making a ‘healthy India’ with his unwavering sportsman spirit and a fine understanding of health and fitness.

Tanvir is a man of spirit, ‘the sportsman spirit’ that is natural to him and inspires him to never give up till victory enthusing the element of a fearless venture to conquer hurdles and circumstances.