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Weight loss meals? Do they really work? How?

When you are planning a meal plan for weight loss, then a lot of preparation needs to be taken. Your normal daily diet will not help you lose weight just like that, and a carefully planned diet for weight loss has to be charted. That is why, you need to go through a sound understanding […]

3 Reasons Why Warming Up is Important

If you are a fitness freak then surely you must know the importance of warm-up. No matter how strong or fit your body is, you will need to warm-up before beginning the activity. The warm-up helps in stimulating the cardiovascular system and also the muscles that will be used during the activity. Many people tend […]

Slow and Steady Weight Loss Makes One Live Longer

In the 21st century, worldwide the trend is to possess a zero figure. People want to have slim figure. A little bit of weight gain becomes nightmare for some. To have a slight deposition of fat in any visible part of the body such as abdomen, thigh, arms, waist etc makes them look odd, according […]

Necessity of Carbs for a Workout

Carbohydrate or carbs are an essential part of our diet. Every human body has five essential nutrient requirements in their bodies like protein, vitamin, carbohydrate, fat, and roughage. But in the past few years, the reputation of carbohydrate as an essential requirement has redeemed to a great extent. The reason is nothing else but its […]

Myth Buster! Are Sports Drinks Really Healthy?

A human body consists of about 60% water. Therefore, one is always suggested to keep the body hydrated in order to have a healthy body. Exercising is one of the greatest essentials of the modern livelihood. The world accepts the ‘fit’ body. Not only do the athletes indulge in vigorous exercise routine but some other […]

How Far are the Supplements During Pregnancy Good?

It is said that the baby will take all the nutrients from the mother. Whatever the mother intakes will affect the baby. And any deficiency in mother’s health can adversely affect baby’s health as well.  From the nutritional perspective, it is preferable to have a proper diet during pregnancy in order to cope with the […]

Pre-Workout Snacks That Gives You Energy

Slimming and getting a fit body would never be possible if you eat some junk and then sweat like a pig in the gym. Healthy workout needs healthy food as well. There is certainly a healthy and nutritious food that is supposed to be nutritious and energy giving. Not only is that the concern, the […]