Very Fast Effective Tips for Stress Management

Very Fast Effective Tips for Stress Management

Stress is a common word now. You hear people discussing this, when friends sit together, colleagues chat, families talk, and people talk about it on the web, the social media, at important lifestyle blogs, and on chats. It’s everywhere; and most importantly it’s in your mind. That’s the home of stress- your mind.

What is stress?

Stress is a state of the mind, when you succumb under pressure and lose some of your ability for logic and reasoning, and get fatigued mentally. The pressure may be due to any reason, personal or professional. Problem in any form in life, too much of work pressure, expectations etc can be the reason for stress. While stress at home can be managed when you talk in details with your family members, stress at work cannot be managed that easily, and you may have to take up certain plan for stress management.

These are tips for instant stress management

If you need fast release of stress anger and anxiety, then you may try any of these:

  • Run cold water down the back of your palms along the wrist for a few minutes.
  • Punch a pillow with full force until you feel physically exhausted or just feel relaxed.
  • Go to some place where no one can hear you, and scream at the top of your lungs.

You should feel good with any of these. But most of the time the key to stress management and anxiety relief is in your lifestyle and diet. And you may consult this with a pro dietician. Besides, here are some healthy tips for stress management, which will also help in managing stress in the workplace:


  • Identify the factors which is causing the stress
  • When you get into stressful situations, learn to take deep breaths and control your mind
  • Staying calm really helps you think. Instead of reacting violently or rudely, you may stay calm and think what the next step might be.
  • The deeper the challenge or problem, the more composed you should try to be to make the right plan for execution.
  • You may also want to take a break, and there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself a relaxed schedule for a day or two. You must feel better to work better.
  • Talk about your stress with someone. Whether the person helps you or just listens, talking will ease your agony a lot.
  • If you can’t find patient and empathetic ears to listen to you, just write down your problems. Writing often solves things by making it clear before your eyes that what is what, and why things are like that, and how you may gain control over some situations.
  • Set your own rules in making yourself available for work. It’s not necessary that you will be there always on duty. Set definite work timings, and give yourself a life at other hours.
  • Listening to music, playing games, partying, dancing, or having a drink at the end of the day, all helps relieve stress.
  • Try meditation and yoga. Cardio exercises also boost your stimulants and bring positive vibes in the mind and body. Hence exercising and activities are much needed when you are into a stressful life.

It’s important to realize, that you can get help with stress, when you really want to help yourself.


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