Is it Really Important to Take Care of Your Health?

Is it Really Important to Take Care of Your Health?

The problem with sustaining the life is not struggling with mortality anymore. The issue is different. With so much advancement in medicine and technology through the last century till today, man is not bothered about the struggle for survival in the same way he used to be 200 years back.

There are adequate food, enough vaccines, life support systems, and then surgeries and medications and prosthetics to challenge and fight the deadliest of diseases and injuries. Yet life cannot be enjoyed with all of these, just because one vital thing is lacking, and that is health.

No life without a good health

If you don’t have a good health to enjoy day to day life, and get back to life after any sort of setback, then there is no use of wasting your money on recreation and entertainment, investment and retirement planning etc.

Hence today the discussion is on health, and how you can retain good health, nurture good health, and enjoy a good life with good health. You must always be healthy to enjoy life, your time, relationships, leisure, earnings, and the world. Without health every single thing and activity in your life can be affected negatively, and you may never enjoy things and moments at their best.

Sour relationships due to bad health

Just imagine what good a person would do in relationships when his or her health is not permitting live life to the fullest. You may feel sick, never be on time, and never be able to eat or drink as your loved ones want you to, never be able to attend all occasions, and never be able to play sportily in family and friends, all because of bad health or lack of fitness.

Though not always, but in many cases, relationships gets slowly affected due to this. The son may think that the father is not fit enough to play. And the wife may think the husband is not fit enough to love, do daily shores and duties, and enjoy life. Friends may consider you unfit and thus misfit for an adventure outing, and you will also lose your confidence due to all this over time.

Unsatisfying career due to bad health

Career will also be affected when your bad health will be a bar in doing official work, professional duties etc. You may never go up the ladder of hierarchy and get promotions when you cannot do your job as needed. Too many leaves may have to be taken due to a bad heath proving your incompetence.

Poor studies due to ill health

If you are still in your student life, and suffer due to poor health, then you would find it affecting your studies really hard. Completion of assignments, sitting for exams, giving competitive exams etc can be really challenging with a poor health, and affect the future and career planning really bad.

Recurring expenses on treatments

The worst part of dealing with bad health, chronic illnesses is that, much of your hard earned money is wasted on treatments, doctor’s bills, medicines, hospital expenses etc, which you could have easily spend on making your life better and meaningful in other ways.

To make life worth enjoying, and live every moment to the fullest, you must invest your time and effort on nurturing and cultivating good health first.


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