Are You Sports Person So you Need Sport Diet?

Are You Sports Person So you Need Sport Diet?

There is a huge difference between the way a sports nutritionist works and an average clinical nutritionist works. An average nutritionist gets a lot of clients each day, whose ages range from infants to aged. This means the average nutritionist has to give balanced nutrition based diet charts to all clients they get. And while doing this the general dietician or nutritionist only looks into telling the right food for the age as per health conditions, the right amount of food, and time of the day and the intervals etc., between meals and such things. But many vital factors are not focused on in average diet consultations which the sportsperson badly needs to know.

What a sports person needs to find out about personal nutrition

Every sport is different, the players or performers are of various ages in it with different height and weight, and hence every single body has different requirements. To top it all, depending on the sports type, the gender, and sensitivity and tolerance to various food types, the diet of the sportsperson will be different.

Only a sports nutritionist would know this difference, and would know which factors to inquire about and note down while designing the sport diet. Taking into account the food tolerance of the sportsperson is a must, and many experienced dieticians would actually do a blood test of the client to know the connections between different types of food and the body’s reactions to those.

Hence, the role of the sports nutritionist is most important in deciding a healthy diet, which will not just be the food to live, but the food to perform, and perform the best.

How the nutritionists work?

Sports nutritionists would work in a different way. They would plan your diet for keeping the protein intake high, and controlling carbs in your body. They would see that you get a consistent supply of energy without making your blood stream flooded with sugars. They would also ensure that you get a diet before workouts to give you energy without making you heavy and sleepy. They would also see that after the workout you can replenish your system with the right food that not just gives immediate energy, but adds to lean muscle mass and cures torn tissues faster.

There are lots of factors which the sports nutritionist takes into account while formulating the right diet for you. And one very important factor is the food tolerance in your food. Not every person is tolerant to all food types. And these intolerances give in ways to much of the health problems, which the person mistakenly thinks to be related to something else or a disease. But the nutritionist who is experienced would know how to differentiate. Almost 45% of the population suffers from various intolerances and sensitivities to food, which inhibits their performance powers, and also makes them feel low and sick at times. The job of the nutritionist is to test you to red flag those items in your daily diet, and simply restrict their entry.


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