Want to Lose Weight Quickly? Include High Protein in Every Meal You Take!

Want to Lose Weight Quickly? Include High Protein in Every Meal You Take!

There is a deep relation between diet and fitness, and again diet and weight loss. Fitness experts and nutritionists admit that the main role in losing weight is of diet, and of 75% of the effort is given in maintaining a healthy, balanced, and strict weight loss diet, then exerting the rest 25% of effort in exercising can give fast and great results. However if you plan to lose weight only by dieting, then also there is good news for you. This can be completely achievable, and you will only have to increase your protein intake per day.

How High Protein Helps Lose Weight

High protein is the key to weight loss, and any nutritionist and fitness expert will advocate this formula. Proteins are the building blocks of life. Your body’s cells are made from protein. If there is no protein then there will be no making or manufacture of cells.

Fat supplies for some energy, and some padding between the tissues for body structuring and contouring. Carbohydrates are for giving energy simply. Therefore, if you take more carbohydrates, they will give you energy, and the extras will be converted into fat. And if you take fat, the also you would get some energy, and the extras will get stored. And if you take protein, then protein will be digested and processed to make newer cells, and thus tissues, and hence more lean muscle mass.

In fact, the energy needed to digest the protein is provided by protein itself, and if you have stores of fat in the body, then the fat will melt down to digest the extra protein that you took, thus releasing the needed energy for digestion. Hence, you can see how protein helps in making more muscles and no fat, and rather helps burn the extra body fat gradually.

Therefore, the more you take protein and the lesser you take fat, the better for your weight loss plan.

Planning the Right Meal for Weight Loss

When you plan to lose weight through dieting only, then the amount of protein that is normally required for daily body functioning will not be enough. You need to double that amount. This can be done through some careful calculations of body mass, and height, the normal protein intake, and then by doubling the protein ingredients in daily meal. Or you may get your high protein meals suggested by a dietician too.

It is seen that 20 to 30% of the protein you ingest is used in digesting the rest of the protein itself. And this interesting fact explains why a high protein diet can help lose weight.

Calculating your Daily Protein Intake Requirement

To calculate your daily normal dose of protein you should multiply your body weight in grams with 0.36. The number you get is the amount of protein required daily for sustaining your body. Now to lose weight, you can simply double this amount in your daily diet, and see the magic of the high dose of protein in making your lean and fit gradually.


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